Owen Gardner und Andrew Bernstein, 25. Oktober 2016, 20.00 Uhr


Die Tiefgarage präsentiert am Dienstag den 25. Oktober um 20. Uhr die U.S. Musiker Owen Gardner und Andrew Bernstein.

Der aus Baltimore kommende Andrew Bernstein beschäftigt sich als Musiker (Altsaxophon), Komponist, Künstler, Lehrer und Programmierer mit den Schnittstellen zwischen experimentellen Klängen, digitaler Kunst, und Kompositionen für akustische und elektronische Instrumente. Zusammen mit dem Gitarristen Owen Gardner spielt Bernstein in der experimental Rock-Band Horse Lords, doch zu zweit werden sie in der Tiefgarage einen Abend mit Gitarre, Altsaxophon und Loopern gestalten.

Andrew Bernstein is a composer and artist based in Baltimore, MD. Working with collage, improvisation, and algorithmic composition, among other techniques, his output synthesizes themes of stasis, repetition, noise, and multiplicity. His work has taken form in compositions for acoustic and electronic instruments, audio visual websites, multimedia installations, solo and ensemble performances, and works for theatre, film and dance. He is 1/4 of the experimental rock band Horse Lords, was a founding member of the band Teeth Mountain, and has collaborated with Matmos, Dan Deacon, and numerous other musicians. His music has been released by Hausu Mountain, Northern Spy, NNA Tapes, and Ehse Records. Since 2010 he has been on the board of the High Zero Foundation, which promotes the avant garde in Baltimore and beyond.

Owen Gardner’s work in composition and improvisation is informed in equal measure by his involvement in Baltimore’s musical underground and by his study of Medieval European and certain non-Western musics, aiding in the development of an ever-widening sonic and emotional language. Toward this end, he has worked almost exclusively in Just Intonation, applied primarily to ‚cello and modified electric guitar, since 2006. He has been a member of the Red Room Collective since 2009. Owen has worked in a wide variety of collaborative contexts, being or having been a founding member of Horse Lords, Black Vatican and Teeth Mountain and a performing member of Matmos and Second Nature, among other projects.